August at le Pòggiola

Yoga in in the garden

in the meadow next to the field of archery continue the experience with yoga instructor Anna Lazzerini graduated at Himalaian Yoga Institute.


Why? The Hatha Yoga helps to loosen the joints, to strengthen the muscles, building a deep contact with ourselves.

How? Through practical BODY sweet to everyone and for all ages (minimum 12 years old) will bring attention to the flow of breath and awareness. The mind will be conducted in a space of calm and concentration, towards better management of emotions.

When? 18:30 to 19:45 on Thursday August 8-22-29

The lesson of Thursday, August 15 has been brought forward to Tuesday, August 12

The contribution requested from members AICS is 10 euro per meeting.

What do you need? comfortable clothing for those who have a mat, a towel or cloth large sunning, socks

Want to try one lesson? Call us!!

Info and Reservation Lisa: 329-797 1398 Anna Lazzerini: 329-806 0656

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