February 7 – Saturday from 15 to 18 – The SUN Salutation – Training on the practice of Sun Salutation Surya =sun ,  Namaskara = greeting (Sanskrit) The practice will take place in Monsummano Terme Piazza Berlinguer at the Association AICS META-BIOS The session is to study the practice of Yoga Sun Salutation in the tradition of the Himalayan Masters. Everybody can participate (beginners and advanced). Participants must be members of the association Metabios Aics, the membership fee is annual and runs from 1 September to 31 August of the following year, costs 15 € and entitles you to participate in all activities of the association, and a discount on ‘purchase of products of Fattoria Le Pòggiola, and of course the insurance. We ask to come a little before the workshop to get to know and to do the registration. (14.30 / 45) The contribution requested for the seminar is 25 euro. Come wearing comfortable clothes, with a mat and a blanket if you have it. For more information, please contact the teacher Anna Lazzerini 329 806 0656 or follow us on facebook page METABIOS Le Poggiola OFFER: accommodation with breakfast and  participation fee € 120.00 for two people. The venue of the seminar is located 2 km from the farm. The price does not include the annual membership fee AICS (15 euro) If you are interested in Yoga Practice during your holiday or in another moment please ask us and we can organize it for you Continuing your relaxing holiday…. Sunday, February 8 : wellness center is opened, Hammam SALIHA of Altopascio where there is an ongoing promotion for all hammam 2 people for the price of one starting with the CLASSIC Hammam of 65 euro. …. What is a Hammam? is a body wash with steam. A physical purification for the psychological well-being. A person “cuddle”you, washes you, makes you a scrub to the body,  “clean” your body and relax your mind. The steam will prepare the skin, helps to eliminate toxins through perspiration. You enter and exit the area in hot-humid and the route is suitable for everyone. After this purifying washing, follow a massage of variable length depending on the chosen type of Hammam. And before you get dressed you relax in a darkened room with tea, fruit and pastries. The route is done in a swimsuit for a maximum of 6 people concurrently. It requires you to bring a towel right, slippers and a bathrobe.

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