Saturday 16th June at 9.00pm Poesie Sparse at Le Pòggiola.

Giuseppe Boy
Poetic After dinner with tasting of our wines, salami and cheeses Scattered Poems is a no-show show, an evening of poetry to share in confined spaces, familiar, warm, between friends and lovers of poetry, with a glass of wine or a cup of tea in hand.
Includes a section of “POEMS ON DEMAND”: You can carry one or more poems that you would like to hear read aloud. The important thing is to be written legibly Collect the scattered poems and read them in order to spread in the air. Read them, but not with the rod and academic tone you normally hear the poems. I’d like to say, live, play and sing like I always did, for about fifteen years now. I wish that through the poems you can create a dialogue between me and the people who come to hear me, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, with a glass of wine in hand and with the music side
Entrance: 10 EURO . Prior booking please!
info and reservations Lisa + 39 329 797 1398

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