The activities of the “Valdinievole Mosca club”  in our little lake. 23 Jan 2014 2nd entry  of trouts ( bigger size) to allow all the members to continue to fish in the lake in the winter months. Here are some appointments January 26 Sunday : Social fishing day at the lake with lunch on the grill FEBRUARY 16: Breakfast at Lake March 1: annual appointment with the “MANGIOPESCATA” – a day of fishing at the lake is open to other Tuscan Club and families. Lunch on the grill. TLT Academy: Saturday, January 25 meeting at the Pòggiola, experts and enthusiasts of this fishing technique are meeting in Le Poggiola for a day of exploration. Want to learn to fly fishing? Ask Us – Luca tel: 3338920931 The   Valdinievole Mosca club can be found every Friday night at the clubhouse at the Ponte di Serravalle in front of the Armeria Benedetti

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