Where we are




PLEASE note you can reach us from 2 different WAYS and ONLY one is POSSIBLE for BUSSES


Exit from A11 (E 76) highway at Montecatini Terme. After the payment turn right in direction Monsummano. Then after 500 mt. turn left in direction to Pistoia passing over the railway and after turn right taking the street to Pistoia, S.R. 435. After 1 km at “Colonna” city at the crossroad turn right.
After approx. 200 mt. you have to pass under the highway and then turn sharp left , not in via “del Poggetto” but behind Marika Bar on your left. This is via delle tre fontane. After 1,5 km you reach our farm. You go parallel to the highway. You go over a small hump bridge, carry on an do not go under the highway and our farm is immediately on your right.
PARKING in the Petrol station in The highway
We suggest for busses over 12 mt to park in the petrol station on the Motorway. There is a passage for walking people in direction Firenze.We can take with the car people who do not want to walk up to the farmATTENTION please: you can reach our Farm also from “Ponte di Serravalle”: that access is NOT possible FOR BUSSES. If you are driving from Pistoia you see the direction of the farm at that level but the street is narrow and you CANNOT PASS UNDER the bridge!!
Coordinate GPS – Le poggiola:
43° 53′ 23″ N
10° 49′ 32″ E.

Road map from Pistoia

Exit on the A11 Motorway (Pistoia exit)

follow indications to Abetone (left) and on the ring road (raccordo autostradale) and exit in direction of “Pistoia centro”, but turn to Serravalle, through the road S.R. 435.
Continue driving for about six kms, through some towns.
After Serravalle – Stazione Masotti, drive uphill and then. Nearly at the end of the descent, at Ponte di Serravalle, pass the church, immediately before the bridge, turn left (Bar “ROSA” on the corner).
Continue into Via di Treggiaia for about 1,5 kms and drive under the motorway bridge, and turn left when you see the sign: Benvenuti a “LE POGGIOLA”!!!

Road map from Montecatini by car

Drive on the A11 (E76) Motorway and exit at Montecatini Terme. On the exit turn right in direction of Monsummano Termedrive on and turn immediataly left in direction of Pistoia, by crossing the railway follow indications to Pistoia (on the right) on the road S.R. 435

Keep on driving on this road, and through “La Colonna”. After the “Ponte di Serravalle” road sign, drive through the town.
Immediately after the brook, turn right (Bar “ROSA” on the corner).
Continue driving through Via di Treggiaia for about 1,5 kms, drive under the motorway bridge and turn left on the indication: Benvenuti a “LE POGGIOLA”!!