Do you want to learn how to cook using wild herbs ?

That’s the day that suits you !

Saturday, March 22 we will go to the fields accompanied by Stefania Raspanti , an experienced and passionate herbs lover.

We teach you to recognize the differences between the good plants for the kitchen and the ones to avoid . After cooking together what we have found, we learn to give enriching taste using seeds or spices and embellish it with some colorful and fragrant flower .

We will prepare together also SEITAN, food -based on proteins contained in wheat flour , very simple to prepare and very tasty (the homemade ! ) .

Those interested in participating, but for example , has celiac disease do not hesitate to tell us and we’ll find a food that suits your needs.

The purpose of the day is to stay in the country and pick up what we can offer, take a walk and enjoy something fresh and natural.

All children are welcome. Reservations are obviously welcome to organize day .

In case of bad weather we will wait the arrival of the sun.

They can also participate foreigners, Stephanie and Lisa speak English


10-12 Collection and recognition of wild plants for food of great nutritional value , actually zero miles !

12-13.30 Preparation of the meal based on what we found and on the needs of partecipants ( vegan – gluten-free )

menu type :

mixed salad with flowers and herbs , dandelion appetizer with sauce ,various bruschette, nettle risotto , seitan with Chicory

we prepare seitan at home the day before and we will teach you how to do.

15-17 we talk about what we ate and how to set up our daily diet in a simple, healthy and nutritious and enjoyable for the whole family (kids / husbands / wives !)

For information call Lisa 329 797 13 98

Reservations required .

Cost of the day including lunch € 35.00

Children up to 12 years free


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