Organic White Wine Passito “Avvizzito” 2015

Organic White Passito
Table Wine
"Avvizzito" 2015

prodotto biologico

The name “AVVIZZITO” refers to the Tuscan “withered” because the grapes are dried just three months before being ammostate.
This is the wine of hospitality.
In all Tuscan farmhouse was made this dessert wine (Vin Santo) by drying  grapes on the reed mats or hung from wires until Christmas or so.
Then the grapes are pressed, producing very sweet and was left in small barrels (casks) from 20-100 liters cementing plug because wine is not disturbed by anyone.
A long process that led to a valuable product reserved for festive occasions when you had special guests.
We continue to make this wine for pleasure and because it is GOOD, but we produce small quantity!

GRAPES: Trebbiano 0%, Malvasia 20%
VINTAGE: blen of 3 years 2008-2010
WINE MAKING: harvest by hand, only the best grapes, drying on bambù for 3 months till december
AGEING: in “caratelli”, SMALL CHESTNUT BARRELS  (25-50-100 lt), for  3-5 years
BOTTLING: AT THE FARM 2000 bottles.
BOTTLES: OF 0,5 ltALCOHOL: 15% Vol.
SERVICE: temperature 10 ° C, it is advisable to decant the wine at the time of service.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: As an aperitif, with cheese and honey, as a dessert with almond cookies (Cantuccini) deep into the wine!
The name “avvizzito” refers to the Tuscan “dried” because the grapes are dried before being ammostate.
CORK: in bioplastic obtained from Sugar Cane, produced by NOMACORC, Select BIO with low permeability,  100% ryciclable.