Organic extra virgin olive oil

Organic Extra Virgin
Olive Oil

prodotto biologico

Our organic extra virgin olive oil is a mixture of different varieties of olives, all TOSCANE.
This gives it a typical taste not too strong.
Also the exposure of the valley to the south and towards the sea makes our oil sweeter than the ‘hinterland.
It is an extra virgin organic olive oil that is fruity, not too green, but usually spicy, especially when just pressed.
The taste is not too bitter, balanced, well matched to different dishes (Minestre, sauces, bruschetta).
Given its low initial acidity, if it is well preserved, it remains for a long time. Usually the oil does not improve with aging (like wine) so it is better to eat it young.
However we ourselves use the oil of the previous year for the preparation of more delicate dishes and in desserts or in cooking when the olive flavor must not dominate the others.

VARIETY: Moraiolo, Leccino, Pendolino, Frantoio
CULTIVATION: 2000 plants, about 10 ha, 1ha is intensive cultivation.(350/ha planted in 1976). The remaining 1.500 cultivated traditionally.
method of cultivation (without pesticide).
HARVEST: DIRECTLY from the plant by hand with the help of some machine. We start in middle October, early November and finish before the end of November.
PRESSING: Olives are conserved in small boxes, pressed after max 48 hours with the modern cold continuous method at low temperature. (at Frantoio di CROCI).
Preservation: in stainless steel, controlled temperature. After bottling kept in fresh and dry place out of direct sun light it will last for  18 months or more.
Filtering: oil is filtered at Frantoio, Then is decanted in spring to be separated from the natural deposit
BOTTLED: at the farm directly by the owners. Bottles  0,75 lt- 0,50 lt- 0,250 lt.
Metal Can to be transport with no problem (1-3-5 lt)
Acidity: max 0.2 % yield max : 14%



€ 7,00

metal can
1 L

€ 19,00


€ 11,00

metal can
3 L

€ 45,00


€ 15,00

metal can
5 L

€ 69,00